Make someone happy by offeringan Aero-Bi gift voucherfor a tandem paragliding flightor a speed riding course.

For that, it’s very simple:

1- Download the reservation form.
2- Fill in the reservation formby checking the activity boxesthat you wish to offer as well as the desired quantity.
3- Send us a check for the amount of the desired giftaccompanied by the correctly completed reservation form by mail to:
Pascal Leclerc
64 chemin des plainesLes Meuniers
74430 Seytroux – France
4- Upon receipt of your check, the gift voucher will be returned to you. Terms: The gift bags are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Holders of pouches must then book their service by telephone with the school by dialing 06 26 35 48 06.

Gift certificate